Lev Ubozhko was born on March 12, 1933 in the town Kopejsk by the Chelyabinsk province in family of the employees.Russian.

Has the highest legal, political and technical (Moscow Ingineering and Physical Institute, speciality" an automation and electronics engineering") education.

Lives in Moscow, is married, has the daughter.

For the political convictions i.e. the creation of a multiparty system, freedom of mass media, protection of a private property, denying of communism ideology, for communications with A.Sakharov, .Solzhenitsin, V.Bykovskij, V.Krasinim, P.Jakirom and participation in nonconformist (dissident) movement he has spent in prisons and Camps of the USSR more than 17 years (1970 - 1987).

Is rehabilitated on October 10, 1991 by the plenum of the Supreme Court of the USSR In 1988 he is one of the organizers of a party "Democratic Union", which has put the beginning of the multiparty system in Russia.

Lev Ubozhko is the chairman of a Conservative Party of Russia and the chairman of the Council of Conservative movement of Russia.

He is the leader! Courageous, vigorous, resolute, purposeful, considerable, responsible and human. Brilliant orator and professional lawyer.

Participatting in trials in the court as the council of the defence, for 8 years has proved innocence of the accused in 53 trumped-up criminal cases, having achieved their release from under the guards.

In 1996. Lev Ubozhko was put forward on the position of the President of Russian Federation, but was not registered by the Central Electoral Commission of Russian Federation, since he is not favourable to treasury thieves and does not give in training.

All his conscious life Lev Ubozhko struggled with arbitrariness of the Soviet mode and continues to struggle with the system based on the lie, rip-off, the circle bail, which severely suppresses all best and countering freedom.

For it the System subjects to his information blockade.

He is the author of the books "My Struggle Against a Red Fascism" and "My Struggle Against a Postcommunist boudness".

Lev Grigorevich Ubozhko has died on Tuesday on August, 19 at 14:37 on 71-st year of a life.

Civil funeral has taken place on August, 22, in the Cathedral Elohovskom (Moscow, m. Baumanskaja)

Moscow, on November, 13, 2003 Secretary " Conservative party of Russia "