How to enter the Party?

Who can become a member of the Party?
Member of the Party can become the citizen of the Russian Federation:
- Reached 18-years age;
- Dividing the purposes and problems of the Party;
- Other political party not being a member.

What is necessary to become a member of the Party?
To become a member of the Party it is necessary:
- To fill in the questionnaire of the established form;
- To apply a photo (it is desirable color) in the size 4 х 6 sm;
- To transfer the application, the questionnaire and a photo in local or regional branch of the Party.

Where to take the questionnaire?
The questionnaire can be taken in any local or regional branch of the Party. Also you can fill in the questionnaire on our site:

Yours First Name, Last Name completely:
City of residing:
The address on a registration:
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