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On November, 12, 2003. Jury Denisov has acted in the air " the Echo of Moscow "
On November, 12, 2003
On the air of radio " Echo of Moscow " Jury Denisov, the leader of the Moscow branch of Conservative party, one of organizers of " the Democratic union ", and Nikolay Ozeransky, chairman of the All-Russia youth movement against terrorism
The ether is conducted by Olga Bychkova

O. BYCHKOVA - Good afternoon, now we shall speak about party affairs, about forthcoming elections. The conservative party of Russia has refused participation in elections in GD, at least, this request contains in the application of its former chairman Bogachyov in the Central Electoral Committee. However in the party with this application as it was found out, not everyone agreed. Whether the conservative party will participate all the same in elections, that in it occurs, we now speak about it with our visitors. In studio of the air - Jury Denisov, the leader of the Moscow branch of Conservative party, one of organizers of " the Democratic union ", and Nikolay Ozeransky, chairman of the All-Russia youth movement against terrorism, good afternoon.
N. OZERANSKY - Good afternoon.
JU.DENISOV - Good afternoon.
O. BYCHKOVA - So, first of all, explain, please, that has taken place? Chairman of a party has sent the application to the Central Electoral Committee where it is spoken that asks the Central Electoral Committee the federal list of candidates to not consider. Still, as they say in materials, mister Bogachyov writes, that the primary goal of a party is neproniknovenie in authorities, including legislative. What at you has taken place?
JU.DENISOV - I want to tell all over again that this party has been created in 1990, it is one of the very first parties. She has been created by Lion Grigorevichem Ubozhko, she has left " the Democratic union ". Mister Bogachyov has come to it all 2-3 months ago so it cannot be responsible for all party in any way. It is really unique party really revolutionaries because we never had money, but we have people in all regions, differently we would not have 55 regions registered. And there was the same, that was in 93 year, it was the provocation very well played. Imagine, 93-rd year, we go on elections, young guys, group of guys approach to Lion Grigorevichu, and speak, to Lion Ubozhko, I name it " my friend the Lion ", speak - we conservatives, we all life thought of it, we are ready to support you, we shall help you. And the Lion on this fishing tackle was bought. I then spoke - Is left, it is provocation, conservative ideas have not penetrated yet then. No, cannot be. Under this idea the island is removed in Izmajlovskom park, there is there a Peter palace, computers, machines are exhausted, girls in miniskirts go, boys, work boils. It is left goes, at him protection, a jeep, all as in the West. Passes any time, before elections remains weeks two, from regions the application acts - on regions there do not come lists. It is left to guys - that such - yes do not worry, all will be, all this mistakes, all will be as it is necessary. For some days prior to the beginning of elections we come on this island - neither protection, nor girls, computers, anything is not present. For 4 days any region has not received lists, anybody is not present. Now, 2003.
O. BYCHKOVA is was in 93 year? Lion Ubozhko already is not present in alive, unfortunately, but what occurs today?
JU.DENISOV - Today too, Lion Grigorevich it is very hard, it all life was torn to elections, torn, that the party should come to authority, should participate, will win, now this time approaches. But it already very hardly felt itself(himself), it actually died. There came same new people, have promised, that the party will participate in elections - we all life conservatives, we in the West, we shall give all to you. Congress gathers, and this mister, not clear who it, addresses to congress and speaks - I promise, guys about what you speak, I promise to give a pledge, I promise, that the party will go on elections, take regions, remove offices, take people, all for us, for me will not stand too long.
O. BYCHKOVA - And then the application in the Central Electoral Committee has followed?
JU.DENISOV - Is not present, then has passed some more days, suddenly it refuses all over again regions, speaks - is not present, I shall not give money for regions. The first bell, but still conversation goes about a pledge, passes some more days, it speaks - is not present, guys, you do not receive a pledge. Very normally. To it there come people, and it speaks - is not present, at you will leave nothing.
O. BYCHKOVA - we now shall make a small stop, at us a break for a minute.
O. BYCHKOVA - So, we continue our conversation on a situation in conservative party, before elections in GD, our visitors are Jury Denisov, the leader of the Moscow branch of Conservative party, Nikolay Ozeransky, chairman of the All-Russia youth movement against terrorism and extremism. We have started to speak about how it has turned out that chairman of a party or former chairman mister Bogachyov has sent the application to the Central Electoral Committee with refusal of a party of participation in elections. So, you have told, that all began that your former chairman actually started to destroy a party from within. I correctly understand?
JU.DENISOV - Yes, correctly though selected it only because it it is oath promised, that the party will participate in elections, and it will finance her. Passes some days, but it has forgotten, that at us a party professional, we start to collect signatures, to us from regions there are signatures. It learns it, and two days prior to the termination of subscription campaign it comes to Veshnjakovu and this application ostensibly from political party, conservative party of Russia submits, not collecting congress, not collecting secretary. But that is interesting, mister Veshnjakov sounds it. And how it was able to do it? Too a question. It has sounded it, on his words, at us at odnomandatnikov start to not accept documents. The party hangs in air. An interesting question. And now that occurs further? Regions all are indignant, extraordinary congress urgently gathers, Bogachyov exclude from a party together with his servant Teginym, such mister still is. Exclude from a party, documents today are sent to the Central Electoral Committee, documents are sent to Ministry of Justice. Here still what moment, in fact when lists gathered, to us there came people, it for the first time when to us there came people and was offered money for participation in elections. And we have refused, because we count, it promised time of money, that on elections there should be people professional, they are economists, policies, lawyers. At us from the Moscow organization went only 19 person of lawyers, professors-lawyers, not including economists, etc. And here there come people to it home, to Bogachyov, and it declares them, there Tegin, and you that, want, that this worthless things has passed to a thought, never it will be. These are words Tegina. And it did not know this list, yet did not see. And you know, who at us went under the list? We the fourth had a president of a society of deaf mutes of Russia behind whom millions cost. First time in a life when invalids went on elections, to it was offered with all parties, it went the fourth under the list.
O. BYCHKOVA is not first time when invalids went on elections, but at least they should to go there, certainly.
JU.DENISOV - Yes, such situation here has turned out, but give so for whom this pill is necessary? The party having ideology turns out, that, it is the unique party having the present ideology of the western sense, she does not participate in elections.
O. BYCHKOVA - I think, that each of the parties participating in elections, will tell that she has ideology. But give here about what now, more particularly. You have submitted the application to the Central Electoral Committee and in Ministry of Justice, yes?
O. BYCHKOVA - That should occur further to it?
JU.DENISOV - we shall look Further, a question, we once again speak, has hung in mid-air, the party will participate hardly in elections, but we begin then the campaign, new campaign, we speak - come on elections, necessarily come.
O. BYCHKOVA are you to voters now speak?
JU.DENISOV - Yes, we speak - come on elections, do not boycott elections, everything, that has taken place today, it can take place and tomorrow. Go, conduct familiar, friends, neighbours, vote against everything, show the authority, show authorities, that you from yourselves represent, because those parties which now go, these are the same who 13 years was in power, it will be the same. These are the same red. It is not without reason spoken, who such " Uniform Russia " - secretaries obkomov parties, and Union of Right Forces and "Apple" - secretaries obkomov Komsomol. I am not afraid of it to speak.
O. BYCHKOVA - Let\'s not be engaged in propagation, let\'s speak that occurs to your party. So, you suggest to vote against all. What does it mean, what idea of such voting? We admit, many people will vote against everything, we admit, you will obey, and what is farther?
JU.DENISOV - And new elections will be farther then are appointed, then our party and other parties will take part in elections, i.e. those parties which can offer Russia the new way, new ideology. We again speak - conservatism is a new ideology, ideology young. We lean first of all on young. You have forgotten, what in 1812 our armies have reached Paris, young officers have seen, how there lives the West, have returned back, than was terminated? So to live 1825 because they have understood, in Russia is impossible. Now every year hundred thousand young scientists in general leaves from Russia, but someone comes back, they too see, they speak - so to live it is impossible. Not without reason fine words have been told, if you did not have a heart till 30 years, you were not the liberal, means, there was no heart. If did not become the conservative, means, you do not have reason. So we also lean on these young guys, we speak - guys, go on elections, you should take authority in the hands. Together with me one of those who went together with us on elections sits, he/she is chairman of youth movement against terrorism, Nikolay Nikolaevich Ozeransky. It will tell the vision further.
O. BYCHKOVA - That such youth movement against terrorism and extremism who there enters?
N. OZERANSKY - the All-Russia youth movement against terrorism and extremism - the created young organization, is first-ever such organization, by interrogations of the Internet, etc. which included many regions of our country, also now we open already the branches in England, on Chyprus, in Canada, in Ukraine, Finland, it is possible to list much. On correspondence with the Internet, many countries have supported us, yesterday the well-known actor Dzheki the Tub which has supported our movement has sent us the letter, is ready to help in every possible way to this, i.e. this that movement, his basic purpose is an association of youth of the countries of all world in counteraction to development of the international terrorism and extremism.
O. BYCHKOVA - But you too agree what to vote it is necessary against all at the nearest elections?
N. OZERANSKY - Since now there are elections, it is not deprived the bases. Why - because than me the idea of conservatism - is interesting to that the basic idea that this development of family. Not first it is necessary to work for the sake of work, and all over again, this main thing, creation of strong family as cells of a society. One family strong, second family if in general there will be all safe families, how ideas, I read works Margaret Thatcher, it is the founder actually conservatism, and now in England too our movement, one of honourable is mayor of London who goes from conservative party too. Therefore the big support therefrom goes. Here again was, certainly, it is very insulting, when in structure of our movement there are very much dear people, very known people when all this has turned back negative way, certainly, it was a little bit unpleasant, even the person has come and has explained, what his ideas why it it does. It, I has understood so, does not respect neither people, nor the organization, and if it does not respect, for what to respect it?
O. BYCHKOVA - But agree, that I, maybe, would like to ask Jury Denisov too about it, that it is certain your inner-party problem, the person which became chairman of your party, you have chosen it.
JU.DENISOV - we have chosen it only because it promised dying Lion Grigorevichu, that the party will go on elections, it promised money. If it was not, it would be never chosen. After it has told in the application, that you spoke, your words, that the primary goal of our party is neproniknovenie in authorities. It is delirium any and for what then the party is necessary?
O. BYCHKOVA - I.e. earlier you did not know, what it can be on positions which differ from yours?
JU.DENISOV - Is not present, certainly, about what we speak? In general we are the unique country in which there are elections, but authority the non-party, it in general delirium any. For what the authority in general is necessary, think, if authority the non-party, what for parties? Let\'s so understand, the main mechanism of the control are elections with which help this or that party can be discharged at authority, and to discharge it is impossible, because parties to authority have no attitude. Very interestingly. And it confirms it. And Lion Grigorevich spoke, all of us so spoke, that the party is torn to authority, struggles for authority, it is the main idea.
O. BYCHKOVA - All the same then the idea to vote against all is not clear. I simply try to understand this logic, help me.
JU.DENISOV - Please, what parties, we again shall return, now go on elections? All this with a red shade, all of them identical, at them are not present any ideology, all red ideology. Esteem, agrarian, " Uniform Russia ", Union of Right Forces, all this the same, 13 years people at authority, former komsomoltsy and communists, we was a unique party of anticommunistic sense, the western sample a party behind which there is an enormous life experience which can show road to the future. In fact conservatism there lives all West, any western country lives on a conservative way.
O. BYCHKOVA is a disputable and theoretical question. Answer a question of our student Vyacheslav Mihajlovicha, it speaks, that personally knew Lion Ubozhko, Vyacheslav Mihajlovich speaks, that Ubozhko has much made for democratic movement in Russia, asks, when it has died. It was not so for a long time?
JU.DENISOV - Yes, on August, 19.
O. BYCHKOVA - That now occurs in a party, already distracting from the conflict which we now discuss, after Lion Ubozhko?
JU.DENISOV - Has passed congress on which the new secretary has been elected, the seminar of a party will be now created, we again gather in regions. The party will work, the party will live, all will proceed. In fact conversation went that there is a law that the party of 5 years does not accept participation in elections, and she is dismissed. Means, we should avoid it somehow, means, we shall do it, the party will take part in elections necessarily.
O. BYCHKOVA - you took part In the previous elections?
JU.DENISOV - Yes, certainly.
O. BYCHKOVA - In 93 year you had a similar situation?
JU.DENISOV - Yes, we took part, we had a subscription campaign with the president, you know, Lion Grigorevich went on the president, and we took part in the last elections, and in these elections, especially, we, certainly, passed, all this knew. At us strong enough positions were, we had prepared enough command. That has taken place, well, is the next parameter of our elective technics in Russia.
O. BYCHKOVA - But you consider, what it is real, if you call to vote against everything, really, will vote so much people, what all will go according to your plan, new elections will be declared? You consider, what there is in general such probability?
JU.DENISOV - Yes if the youth will come, she is apolitical, if the youth will come and will vote really against everything because they see, that anybody is not present, there is nobody to go, today were, by the way, in " the Independent newspaper ", I from your radio station heard, that the parameter grows upwards people which do not want to vote for anybody.
O. BYCHKOVA - it is Possible, they do it on any other reason. I thank our visitors, a situation in Conservative party, we discussed its offers with the leader of the Moscow branch of a party Jury Denisov and chairman of the All-Russia youth movement against terrorism and extremism Nikolay Ozeranskim.
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