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Chairman of political advice
Conservative parties of Russia
Arutyunov Akim Aleksandrovich
Moscow, on October, 31, 2003

Dear friends-colleagues!

In Conservative party of Russia there was the complex and disturbing conditions caused by illegal and destructive actions, already it is possible to tell, former chairman of a party Bogachyov and pity kuchkoj his adherents. During the responsible moment when it was necessary to bring in a pledge for guaranteed participation of a party in elections, Bogachyov secretly, but on behalf of many thousands members of Conservative party around of secretary of a party has submitted the application to the Central Electoral Committee about refusal of Conservative party to participate in elections to the State Duma. Bogachyov\'s forcible and provocative actions should cause indignation of members of regional branches. Under their initiative of the party maintained by secretary, on October, 25, 2003 in Moscow Extreme congress of Conservative party of Russia has gathered. At congress 33 regional branches have been submitted. Congress has stated a worthy estimation of treacherous activity of Bogachyov and his clique. Bogachyov, carrying out the political order of the certain circles, as a matter of fact, has followed the road of treachery of interests of a party, has roughly broken its charter. Congress by overwhelming majority of voices has relieved Bogachyov of the post chairman of a party. Are released from supervising posts also Brook, Tegin and Burenin. All of them are excluded from members of Conservative party of Russia. Congress in strict conformity with the charter of a party has selected Koroleva N.I on a post of chairman of Conservative party of Russia.

In a developed serious situation when it is necessary to accept a critical decision for the further fruitful work of a party, I address to you, dear friends, with an appeal: for the sake of preservation of unity of a party to which creation all of you have brought in a considerable mite, and appreciating memory to its founder to Lvu Grigorevichu Ubozhko to not give in to demagogical dodges and shifts of renegades led by Bogachyov, resolutely to ignore their instructions, attempt to oder about you and to give any assignments as since October, 25 they to our party any more have no attitude.

I ask you henceforth all actions to coordinate with the lawfully elected chairman of Conservative party and its secretary, to support with them constant close contact.

Moscow, on October, 31, 2003
The declaration of "Conservative party of Russia"

A Press-sheet of "Conservative party of Russia"

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The book "Lenin, the file without a retouch", written (1971-2002) oustanding scientist-historian A.A.Arutyunov.

The book "My struggle against red fascism" the written L.G.Ubozhko.

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