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Friends, colleagues, adherents!

Last days to address of regional branches of a party former management KPR (Bogachyov, Tegin and To) dispatches "invitations" to so-called "working (?)" congress of Conservative party of Russia, appointed for February, 14 this year. The decision on convocation of congress ostensibly was accepted by "Secretary" KPR of the third (!?) January. For all January we did not manage to find any (!) Member of the Secretary which was taking part in this mythical session. Probably, for this reason to address of regional branches the report ? 1 from 03.01.2004" is not sent " - it is better to not show a forgery. Besides on the form of "invitation" (ish ? 34/01 from 16.01.01) as an emblem it is represented any zverjuga with a board in paws. We remind you, that an emblem of the Party (a lion laying on a pedestal in the center of a circle) it is described in Charter KPR (item 1.13) and something is not remembered that our Charter since changed ? By the way, with the Charter this company addresses in general it is very free: the Secretary of a party is suddenly reduced up to ? 5-oe members from which at session are present 4, but the quorum, nevertheless, is present. It is taken directly from " the report ? 2 from 06.11.03a. In structure (their) this "secretary", certainly, Bogachyov, Tegin, Burenin and Brook - i.e. With its full complement all four which dishonoured and has defamed our party to all Russia, and for it excluded from a party at Extreme Congress on October, 25 2003a.

We remind everything, that under the Charter members of Secretary, except for elite at Congress (item 5.3.2), are all chairmen of Committees of regional branches (item 5.3.3), and also persons (items 5.3.4.) co-opted by Secretary

In this connection we ask All Chairmen of regional branches KPR about to inform (a fax, (095-2615880) about the participation or nonparticipation in above mentioned " session of Secretary " from January, 3 this year. It is very important, since under the Charter convocation of the next Congress is in the exclusive competence of Secretary of a set (item 5.3.4), and presence of quorum thus is necessary.

Now - about essence of "invitations" sent to you.

First, the agenda of forthcoming Congress is not specified in them. How regional branches will select delegates of congress, not having representation about questions which him should be solved? By the way, besides - under the Charter, all members of Secretary and Chairmen of regional branches of a party are delegated on congress over the established regional quota with the right of a casting vote (item 5.2.2). It - to you for data. They (Bogachyov and To) about the Charter as it is usual, have forgotten and have established a quota - 1 delegate from region.

Second, - and it is very serious! - it is offered to you to bring with itself originals (it is underlined!) all documents of regional branches - ostensibly, necessary for assurance of their copies. Reflect - instead of whether it is easier to bring at once the certified copies (as they for certain are available in all regions)? These documents should be stored as a pupil of an eye, instead of to carry them through all country. Demand them from you judicial authorities can only, all others should udovolstvovatsja notarially certified copies. And whether it is necessary to give in general similar documents to people which till now anything good for the Party have not made also anything in it have not enclosed? (Except for promises, certainly). Then to you it will be told, that " it is too much papers ?, at the notary turn ?, the days off ?, leave, we shall send them to you ? " and ALL! - you remain without documents of the regional organization.

What for it is done? - we Shall try to understand. Having on hands on the account, codes of statistics and so forth, a party it is possible TO SELL all Certificates on registration of regional branches and their statement, and by the gross, together with a regional network. To whom? - we Think, for interested persons business will not stop. Probably, not casually indemnification for travel, a feed and residing to you guarantee only " in an exchange " on originals of party documents. By the way, about money ? Tegin and To count you fools who can be not bought at all, and simply to allure money, as bezrodnuju a mongrel - sugar kostochkoj. In " the Plan of measures ? ", signed Teginym and the authorized Bogachyov " questions of financing " at evening session on February, 14 are mentioned certain. How you think, what means? Well, recollect, how you "financed" all this time. Whether you though have received any sums for party work from those who asserted at September Congress, that " behind it business does not become - you only vote for us, and we ? ". Here and now: at the best, money will receive only those who will give originals of your documents (and by a principle: in the morning documents, evening of money) and as a result this money appear ? that indemnification for travel, a feed and residing. Believe, friends, at us too are some sources of the information in environment Tegina.

Recollect, that the founder of our party Lion Ubozhko never dared to demand from regional branches originals of their documentation. For work always copies ? Quite sufficed it

Once again we pay your attention, that "congress" forthcoming on February, 14 will be obviously nelegitiven - owing to infringement of requirements of the Charter by his preparation and convocation and all participants of this "congress" also begin to break Charter KPR involuntarily (or it is conscious).

During this heavy period for our Party we continue to do everything, that in our forces - for preservation of the Party and its ideology. Now intensive negotiations with serious political structures and financial and industrial groups are carried on for the future of our party and Conservatism in Russia.

We strongly recommend to all regional branches to not pay attention to any invitations and promises from party Tegina and To, to not dishonour once again the Party, and to ignore forthcoming "congress". We wait also for your messages by fax (about session of Secretary on January, 03 this year)

We assume to hold the next session of Secretary KPR in Moscow on February, 28-29, 2004.

Destiny of the Party - in your hands.

Members of the administrative board of Conservative party of Russia:

Queen, Denisov, Lapin, Arutyunov, Oborin, Petrosyan, Myrtles, Cocks, Ivanov, etc.

The present Reference is open for signing and connection to all members of the Party.
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