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Lenin, the file without a retouch
And trade union SMOT represent the book:
" Lenin, the file without a retouch ",
Written (1971-2002гг.) the oustanding scientist-historian

Find to all started -
And you will understand much

Akim Arutyunov's book is a historical research of the biography of V.I.Ulyanov (Lenin), put an end to all falsifications and fabrications of adherents of leninism, false compositions of biographers of Lenin.

The book is the tremendous certificate of tragical history of the Russian citizens. XX century for Russia was a century of continuous lie and violence. Russians were made stupid and are deceived false by bolshevik propagation which proceeds and now. Till now the majority of people and does not understand the reason of the troubles and difficulties in a modern life. The tragedy of our days is a consequence of coming to power in the seventeenth year of criminals led by Lenin.

Bolshevik a adventurers and envious enjoy power, leaning on obsequious and cowardly people, introduced in consciousness unaware in a policy and illiterate Russians marksism-lenin (fascist-connuna) ideology utopian, most harmful and dangerous to humanity with the purpose of carrying out during a life of the criminal-crazy military-political strategy - " world revolution " through world war.

The deeply responsible, fair and argued work Akim Arutyunov ideologically has crushed bolshevik ideology, has finally dispelled a myth about communistic " the light future ", has methodically exposed Lenin, as the political adventurist, state and the criminal, the ideologist and the organizer of the international terrorism. In it, indoubtedly, a huge merit of the author.

Issue of the book of Akima Arutyunov is sign event not only for Russians, but also for all humanity.

The book is designed for everyone who is interested in domestic history and who wishes to know the bitter truth that at us in the country the real fascism raged and that the reason of the stating the second world war was the totalitarianism which has seized with destinies of peoples of the USSR and Germany. And the hitlerite fascism was generation Stalin - Lenin. In the USSR in deep secret operated joint Soviet-German military enterprises, tank and aviation schools; the best fascist staff vermaht were trained. The most terrible crimes of XX century are accomplished by the German fascism and Stalin. And if the first has brought down a sword of a genocide on other peoples, the second - first of all on people. This terrible truth. She is shame us, but is vital. However voices are distributed: " Will suffice to stir the past ". And nevertheless we should find the truth as only search of true will lead to an enlightenment and will deduce us illusions.

For all peoples own history is the base, the beginning of all beginnings. Without this support, without studying lessons of the past in the name of the present and the future, it is impossible to build new. Before our history there is a problem not only, to hold up to shame leninism - stalinism and his heritage, but it is important to eradicate it in our minds and souls.

Priests from a policy protected the truthful information from people, having created the deformed history which has generated public consciousness and it was fixed in it so, that till now people are in afraid a condition, including "socialist" build as idea of durability and firmness.

Historical memory - the main source of judiciousness in a life, a policy! One thousand times of the rights Alexander Tvardovsky when wrote was:

" Who hides the past jealously, that hardly with the future is"

Having read through the book, people will begin to see clearly and, at last - that, will understand, how communists fooled their all life. Now, becoming others, we know, to what it is possible to come, if we shall not study at history if we shall refuse communication of generations. Today, having lost the past, it is possible appear without the future Objective process of decomposition of communistic ideology can to take place only under condition of full decommunism and democratization of a society.

Chairman of Conservative party of Russia: Ubozhko L.G.
Chairman of executive committee of trade union SMOT: Denisov J.S.

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The book "Lenin, the file without a retouch", written (1971-2002) oustanding scientist-historian A.A.Arutyunov.

The book "My struggle against red fascism" the written L.G.Ubozhko.

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