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29.12.2003 23:46:41
On DECEMBER, 30. Financial Times. The old liberal complains about draft of Russians to authoritative board. Arcady Ostrovsky. Alexander Jakovlev, the nearest assistant Michael Gorbachev within "reorganization" - the scale reforms brought to ruin the USSR, - recently badly sleeps at night.
29.10.2003 16:36:40
The British conservatives have born a vote of no confidence to the leader the British party of conservatives has born a vote of no confidence to the leader Ienu Dankanu Smith. As transfers the Air Forces, for him have voted 75 deputies, against - 90. To remain in the rank of the party leader, to Dankanu Smith was to get support of the simple majority of members of parliament from conservative party enough. Now the British conservatives should choose the new leader in fourth time for last eight years.
18.10.2004 10:32:43
The conservative party of the Great Britain is going to change the traditionally tough policy concerning social reforms At conference taking place Harrogate chairman of a party David Devis has declared, that its policy will be "more liberal". In D.Devisa's opinion, social policy should be simultaneously wider and more address. " Ministries of Health, formations and justices pay insufficient attention to the most vulnerable members of our society ", - D.Devis has told. I shall be completely loyal in relation to the new leader and in every possible way it I shall support ", - it has added.
07.04.2003 21:31:34
Conservatives accuse Toni Blair of a deceit Conservative party of the Great Britain for the first time has accused prime minister Toni Blair that it has leaded into error members of parliament concerning so-called " the Iraq file ", informs ITAR-TASS. In this document the data of the British investigation on the weapon of mass destruction in Iraq on the basis of which the decision on connection of United Kingdom to power operation of the USA against Saddam Hussein's mode was accepted contained. By words of "shadow" Minister for Foreign Affairs from tori Michael Ankrama, " the prime minister has leaded into error the House of Commons ? And that fact that it has made it or is deliberate, or inadvertently does not play any value ". Earlier former minister on questions of the international development Clare of Blinkers and the former leader of the House of Commons Robin Cook, was accused by Toni Blair of falsification of " the Iraq file "
06.06.2003 14:28:31
Vladimir Putin has met the leader of Conservative party of the Great Britain Ienom Dankenom Smith
Vladimir Putin within the framework of the state visit to the Great Britain has met the leader of Conservative party of this country Ienom Dankenom Smith, the press-service of the Russian president informs. Putin has noted, that Russia and the Great Britain managed to make in common, in particular within the second world war much. And attitudes supported now do good for both countries, the president has emphasized. It has reminded of the letter on questions of the further development in the world which was directed to it recently Yens by Danken Smith.
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