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If in a youth you were the liberal at you there were hearts,
if in the age of you did not become the conservative at you there is no mind.
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The candidate in the deputies
State Duma of Russian Federation
From a Conservative Party of Russia
professor V. Burenin

The concept of "conservatism" by forces of communist propagation has turned to the Soviet period in a symbol and synonym of movement "back", to the backward past and it is not casual, since " the light future " communicated only with ideas of socialism and communism. And actually of conservatism as modern political ideology having a 200-year's history, helped many countries to create for their citizens of a condition for worthy life and to reach decent welfare. Certainly, is not absolute for everything, and, first of all for those who achieved it by the work. And in it the major economic thesis of modern conservatism: the citizen himself, work (mental or physical), should supply the well-being (food, housing accommodation, high social status, health services etc.), receiving wages for the work. The state thus should as much as possible support and create favorable conditions for the employer: The farmer, dealer, handicraftsman, businessman, industrialist etc., i.e. for all proprietors of production of the goods and services. The economic and industrial ideology of conservatism ' is very simple: favorable political and economic environment for the national commodity employer the warranty of welfare of the citizens and state (large tax receipts for needs of the retirees, army, education, medicine etc.).

Adam Smit in the capital work " Researches about the nature and reasons of riches of the peoples " wrote, that to lift the state from the lowest step of barbarity, up to a maximum degree of welfare three things are necessary only: the world and individual liberty, easy stimulating taxes and tolerance, i.e. change for best by gradual, stable (without jerks and revolutions at the left or on the right) perfection of society with a support on already available positive results and with allowance for of historical traditions and customs, national features and interests. This item the conservatives worldwide vigorously assert, and it also is a principled item of the Russian conservatives who have created the national conservative consignment in 1992.

In economy the Russian conservatives also stand on items " of stable development ", those. Development, which in a favour to interests of today does not deprive us of the future: the birth rate, ecology, poverty of a large part of the population etc. Stable development of economy (and, certainly, company as a whole) from items of the conservatives is connected to creation of new company, in which only material component up to the agreed limits should develop, and the basic growth will occur in incorporeal, first of all, intellectual and spiritual spheres. It can be reached, in opinion of the conservatives, only if there is strong state supervision and its participation (if necessary) in businesses of economy and public relations. The company of stable development is expressed through criteria of a high quality of life and high morals.

Here again conservatives again come back to the first thesis of a possibility in company of a quality of life are not purchased for money, and are earned. In it is the warranty of the equal right , benefit to each citizen, in it the warranty of social harmony and removals of social intensity, equal in rights and free competitiveness, survival of all company, instead of elite, which today in Russia possesses 60 % of the national income, constituting only 1,5 % of the population.

Traditionally conservatism bases on middle class, but also has active support working, i.e. those who earns on life by the work. Actively conservatives cooperate to the proprietors and large businessmen, industrialists, bankers Main, for them to create favorable economic conditions. Let's recollect KPSS, which "has raped" the people, built well-being on " bones of the people ", and the people gifted constrained to create the scientific and technical masterpieces in prisons (Tupolev and many others).

The conservatives are convinced that at the equal rights of all patterns of ownership, state (the national sector) plays thus the very important role. The basic purposes and functions of the states; thus include:

  • The state recognizes, that the group, regional and public interests are so primary, as well as individual interests of its citizens.
  • The correction of individual preferences the important function of the state and it is obliged to realize in a direction moral ideas of company of stable development. The state in it should base on wide cooperation to church.
  • The state creates and improves the pattern of growth and entry in independent life of youth (education, Assistance to a provision of employment).
  • The state controls and adjusts (if necessary) competitive environment and development of market economy, first of all, creating equal conditions of a competitiveness and fighting with Monopoly of the market Gradually reducing the influence to economy and business to the minimum. In opinion of the conservatives, reasonable combination of self-organizing and directed state stable, stable development providing high quality of life and morals the sign of perfection of the future Russian company and economy.

The conservatives do not exclude introduction on this or that period of rigid measures of state regulation, especially in base branches: a fuel and energy complex, transport. A main circuit it a rise in living standards at the expense of revival of production and granting to it of maximum favorable conditions of development of production. Economic idea of the conservatives:

  • Low level of the taxes and simplification the systems,
  • Low rate of unemployment;
  • Low rate of inflation.

The synthesis of the best values of the past and present is necessary for its realization. The convincing enough example can be served by state of businesses in such base branch, as electric power industry. The Russian company and authority should deeply realize danger of grab by corporate groups of property of electric power industry of Russian Federation, exclusive importance of improvement and development for a national economy, taking into account a geopolitical place of Russia in the world, its extent on time zones, Russian specificity, law of wide territory. The influence of scale on economy is so huge, that the Russian electropower school has applied this law in real development of Uniform power system of Russia. he effectively maintained investment constituting, and the electric power industry of Russian Federation again and before privatization was profitable branch and had no analogues in the world.

Now corporate group in electric power industry by virtue of economic and of spiritual limitation having privatizated capacities of electric power industry of Russian Federation, has reset effect of scale economy, commensurable with an annual budget, and together with it idea of transformation of Russia. This corporate group which has seized property of electric power industry, undermines the foundations of company and state, imposes to the Russians with the help aggressive materialism a false direction of development, destroying a national economy, and through force of money forces all Russians to slavery. Recovering of continuity in an economic board the power of Russian Federation and support of the Russian electropower power requires all Russian company. About it speak in all branches of an authority. The president of Russian Federation B.N.Elcin speaks about it. About it think the patriarch Moscow and all Russia Alexij II, religious figures of other religions (In more detail situation is described In. And Skrupnikom M. )

The worthy life is necessary to the Russians, instead of the struggle for demagogy, is not dependent on that what it left with right. To have 5-6 percentage growth within twenty years (but only such conditions can decide our problems and ensure to the Russians worthy life), we need to have serious accruings and large investments, i.e. approximately about two billions dollars in account for 25 years. This money in Russia is (many years annual over of the capital constitutes approximately 100000000 Dollars). Therefore Russian conservatives, proceeding from the base sights on economy, consider as optimum strategy today combination of realization of market reforms with balanced and well scientifically - is justified by rate .

The conservatives see amplification role of the state, before all, meaning its legislative function and maintenance of an observance of the laws and their strict conformity to the Constitution of Russian Federation (especially in a part of the laws of the subjects of Russian Federation). The laws should be based on common sense and Russian forward traditions, instead of be reduced to interference in operation to economy and distribution of the help for the different reasons and occasions. The stabilization of an economic situation(economic position) is impossible without a balanced budget for support and creation of an infrastructure perspective (with allowance for of achieved level of development) Russian branches, such as an airstructure, space productions, power mechanical engineering etc.

New people from numbers of the Russian conservatives will manage to save integrity and to supply technical progress of economy, using achievement of natural monopolies of public sector (especially in the block of life-support) and achievement of the market relations as main direction of development.

The declaration of "Conservative party of Russia"

A Press-sheet of "Conservative party of Russia"

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The book "My struggle against red fascism" the written L.G.Ubozhko.

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