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The young Russian democracy of December 12, 1993 has received a crushing defeat. By the party in fault it was the incapable Russian management, in which structure there were many short-sighted, short-sighted leaders from democracy. The centre was torn off from inside of the country and did not understand, that the authority in many regions was usurped by forces hostile to reforms, which tried to restore the become bankrupt communist system, hypocritically covering the true purposes by pseudo-democratic demagogy. After personnel became communist of Advices was intensively conducted of the executive authority, i.e. the authority kept to belong to the party-bureaucratic nomenclature.

The organs of the Prosecutor's Office, courts, militia remained repressive and did not execute the functions on protection of reforms, and therefore completely have lost authority at the people. By inquest it were decline of economy, rise in crime, social, cultural, scientific decline of the people. The reforms have choked. Thus, come to to an authority new communists have proved the uttermost inability to administer in a new fashion. But except for them on horizon there was a threat also Russian Fascism. Russia again has appeared on the verge accidents.

What fate stand above the Russians?

RUSSIA - MOST anti-state, most anarchist country in the world. And Russian people apolitical people, never could to arrange the ground able it is good to have a drink and well to have a meal, but not aware, as well as than to feed country, in which the products decay, and capable to work the man sit or shooting each other in mountains for ground, which does not belong to anybody, because, under the law of life, the people belong to ground, rather the reverse. The anarchism - phenomenon of Russian spirit, but it is differently inherent both ours extreme left and extreme right. The Russian liberals always were without delay human, than state people. Nobody wanted an authority, of it were afraid all. Our orthodox ideology of autocracy - the same phenomenon anti-state of spirit, failure of the people and company to create state life. The slavs understood: that the doctrine about autocracy was the original form of denial of the state. To be engaged in state businesses Russian bureaucracy considered not as Russian employment, and therefore our country always was administered with the foreigners. At the Soviet authority - leaders of other nationalities (Lenin,Trockij,Sverdlov,Stalin ) they were as though invoked to administer Russian ground, since in our great ground there was no order. Russian people does not wish itself to arrange the order at itself and it as if so much free state, how many freedom from the state, freedom from cares and grain the system . Russian people does not want to be the courageous builder, its nature is defined as passive and obedient in businesses state. It always waits for someone to rule. Obedient, passive Russia is characteristic for Russian people and for the Russian history. In it there was no courageous beginning. The unsufficient development of the personality is connected to it. Russian people always loved to live in heat of collective.Knights forges feeling of personal dignity and honour, creates the veel of the personality. It was not created by Russian history.

In the Russian person is soft. Russian anarchism - womanly, instead of courageous, passive, instead of active. And paradox! Russia - most state and most bureaucratic country in the world; all in Russia turns to an instrument of policy.

Russian people has created from times of Ivana Kalitu greatest empire in the world. The forces of the people are given back to statehood transforming all into the instrument. Interests of creation, the maintainings and secure of the huge state occupy an overwhelming place in Russian history, but at the people remained of forces for free creative life. The classes and estates were poorly advanced and did not play that role, what played in a history of western countries. The personality was pressed down by the huge sizes of the state presenting excessive requests. The bureaucracy was developed up to the monstrous sizes. Russian statehood was shaped in struggle with other nations, in vague epoch, in foreign invasions. And it has turned the self-sufficing abstract beginning, it lives by own life, under the law, but does not want to be the subordinated function of national life. This feature of Russian history has imposed on life the seal of pooreness. The authority of bureaucracy in Russian life was internal invasion of other as integrally has come in Russian statehood and possessed womanly and passive Russian idea. The great victims were suffered with Russian people for creations of the state, but itself has remained without forse in the immense state. Is alien to Russian people of an imperialism in western sense of the word, but it is obedient gave back the forces on creation of an imperialism, in which heart it was not interested. Here secret of Russian history and Russian soul also is latent. Any Philosophy of a history has not solved still, why most anti-state people has created such huge statehood, why the most anarchist people so is obedient of bureaucracy, why by free spirit the people as if does not want free life? This secret is connected to an especial parity of a womanly and courageous beginning in Russian national character, the mysterious contravention is concerning Russia and Russian consciousness to a nationality. The Englishmen, French - chauvinists and nationalists in bulk, they are complete of national self-confidence and complacency. Russian they almost are ashamed that Russian; by it the national pride and national dignity is alien. To Russian people the aggressive nationalism is not peculiar and there is any national unselfishness, unknown western peoples. Russian intelligency professed extremely supernational ideals. And again paradox!

RUSSIA - most nationalistic country in the world, country of unprecedented excesses of nationalism, oppression of nationalities became russian, national country, country, in which all is nationalized down to church , country esteeming unique invoked and denying all Europe. The return party of Russian humility is the extraordinary Russian self-conceit. Most restrained also there is greatest, most powerful, unique invoked: " Russian also is kind, true, divine. Russia - " sacred ".

RUSSIA - is guilty, but also in a sin it remains by sacred country living by ideals of sanctity.

RUSSIA - country of obedience, dispossessed consciousnesses of the personal rights; country of officers, peasants, nothing wishing, except for ground; country of intelligence, inert, contaminated by material ideas. RUSSIA does not love beauty, do not want any redundancy, is inert, is lazy, is obedient is reconciled with the life and it cannot be moved from a place. Our people do not want an ascention, prefer to be " as all ".

Everywhere personality is suppressed in organic collective, not amateur performance and activity, it is necessary that other will make all for it.

Russian radical - democratic intelligency is alien to true freedom; it is seized without delay by idea of mechanical equality, than freedom. RUSSIA - country of impersonal collective.

So, in Russia the bureaucratic statehood is born from anarchism, the slavery is born from freedom, extreme nationalism - from supernationalism.

From this desperate circle there is only one output(exit):

Disclosure inside Russia, mastering own national , awakening of courageous, personal creation.

Also there has come the nineteenth century, which has caused the revolutionaries, nihilists, communists who have decided to construct other world, having changed thus human nature. But by virtue of a religious - dogmatic warehouse of the soul Russian always were orthodoxes . This world phenomenon equally detected in communism and a fascism. This new sincere type has appeared very favorable to the plan ofLenin, it became a material of organization communist consignments, it began to dominate above huge country. To the new people which have come from below, from country environment, the traditions of Russian culture were alien, their fathers and the grandfathers were illiterate and lived extremely believe, and therefore at the moment of a celebration, feeling the inferiority, they have decided to revenge the people of old culture. Psychologically it is simply explained, since in the past the people felt a lie social building, but shortly and is restrained bore and share. Also there has come hour, when it has not wished more to suffer, and all build souls national has turned over. It is a typical process. Humility and the mildness can proceed in ferocity .Lenin could not carry out the plan of revolution and grab of an authority without transformation in soul of the people. The revolution this was so is great, that the people living in believes and obedient to destiny, suddenly was mad about rationalization of all life, has believed in it without the rest, has believed in the machine instead of the God.

The fear corrects on it there was an authority of KPSS and its leaders. The terror together with Lenin`s by an ideological terror in itself is not capable to ensure the company, its slavish stability, even not slavish (the slaves nevertheless rebelled), and you see to this state order all steps of a measure on the people. Has appeared, there is something above than fear and even mental poisoness, fulness or emptyness. That the company was reliable - obedient, it is necessary, it to terrorize, to transform in slave - animal, but the method of managing is those can not to ensure livelihood and tolerable existence these bulks of working ants. Became be such work fool people not can to be effective, for the company already wakes up to an idea, which KGB is powerless to stop.

Vainly interpret now the God, religions, believe, goods. All this phantoms: will be and all this spiritual essence will lose the importance. The people will again be betraid life, in which main - instincts and egoism. By the proof it was the October revolution. Nobody prevented to serve to the God and to hear it, to trust, but the people per any months have forgotten about the God . The people has armed with knifes and rivers black blood has poured down. And you see to this explosion of fury, the wildnesses preceded a thousand years of believe. Means, always there is more important, than believe. What? A this - instinct of self-preservation. So, the religion could not overcome an animal in the people. It means one: believe never was to believe and has not penetrated of a more deeply bodily environment. Thus religion is prostate, is transformed into the breach of justice, in the same violence, the religion serves don`t believe, not to soul, and state, policy, though communications these on a surface are absent. Therefore people in the seventeenth year have turned away from believe and have enabled bolsheviks to wake in them low instincts staking them on cruelty and insidiousness ahead of any animal. And any prays are not capable here something to correct.

How the bolsheviks have managed to fool the people?

In theory of Marks is primary, the violence is incorporated. In his theory the substitution of national features by the class approach was programmed. It means physical destruction of millions people. This system breaks any nation, transforming it in any cosmopolitan idea. The peoples lose the religion. There is a selection stupid, biorobots, subordinated to dictate.

And you see the company is historically divided not on classes, and on a nation. The national - it culture, as a method of existence, is language, believe, image of house keeping, system of family and other. Means, a problem of the theory - to beat out from us national, i.e. soul. And, having divided us on classes to set against each other. But anything is impossible without the people - it a postulate of any policy. The people is very guilty before itself for fooling and violence. fullness defines an item and action of bulks of the people. Policy of the communists - to make the people whenever possible by accessory of the crimes. The Russian people per the thirtieth years approved on meetings , requiring execute " enemies of the people ", Stalin has decided: What for to him to one to damp of a hand (to execute in camps to overhear)? And the people was withdrew. On millions allotment of an overcoat of the overseers and punishers. Yes, such business is possible to do only by all. Here price to all. HAVING not rummaged, not hatred to the oppressors, not a pain for damaged ground, and command from above and its amicable performance... Really people are not capable to understand, what behind force they? It is really not clear, what the people all can? Really not clearly: all was legal, because the people supposed it.

It is really not clear, what so will be always, because the people on other does not want?.. The people was, remains by mister of the destiny. That with it did not create, as though did not deceive - in the issue it defines all. Presently it knows about the past almost all. THE FUTURE to ITSELF CHOOSES the PEOPLE.

One of such choices is the destiny of the german people. In 1919 in Germany on ruins aggressive empire there was a Weimar democratic republic. it was market and consequently the western financiers helped its economic stabilization with the same enthusiasm, as they help now of Russia. Country was flooded with the credits. But anybody in a head has not come to take care of destiny of its fragile and vulnerable democracy. In March, 1920. Germany was shaken by the Berlin putsch, equivalent - August putsch in Russia. In November, 1923 the revenge-seekers led by Gitler`s attempted to organize in Munich " a march on Berlin ", equivalent - October rebelion in Moscow. In the end in January, 1993 the German democracy has sufferred a crushing defeat from hands of the same opposition, what attacks today Russian democracy. history of the German democracy - it is a symbol, how attempt to reduce a problem of democratic transformation of the imperial giant to a problem of money and credits has ended in the world misfortune. The Weimar republic was replaced by the Third Reich. Per nuclear century the fatal mixture of priorities, on which this policy is constructed, can do without to mankind even more dearly(even more expensively). In a history ХХ of century the accident of the Weimar democracy was not a casual episode. Opposite(on the contrary), it has repeated in all mandatory powers, comparable to Russia, of an imperial class. So happened in China after 1911, when Sun Jatsen has announced by his democratic republic. So has taken place in Japan which has begun in 1912 deep democratic reforms. So happened and in Russia after February, 1917. To put it briefly, so was always, when transforming the imperial giant thrown in the freedom, appeared one on one with irreconcilable opposition, attempting to break to democracy at own risk, leaning only on own forces - without decisive sharing of world community. But differently also could not happen, since in isolation context the century imperial and militarist tradition invariable appeared in the end of more strongly newborn democracy. And than stronger there was in country this tradition especially overwhelming there was its superiority, the more chances was at traditional " of state idea " to triumph over young and unsophisticated freedom.

One of the leaders of the Russian opposition Prohanov has declared: " If we are compelled to choose between personal liberty and state idea, be gone it this freedom ". The birth of freedom was usually accompanied by catastrophic easing of authority of an authority, economic decline, growth of corruption and criminality, which, as well as today in Russia, immediately became the powerful weapon in hands communist imperial opposition. That is why political weakness of newborn democracy in the mandatory powers of an imperial class without the help of intellectual and political experience of democratic community appeared for it fatal. The reference to peace democratic self-transformation in Spain, Chile or Southern Korea will not work in the "Weimar" variant, i.e. are non-comparable neither to Russia, nor with Germany, with Japan. Any of them was not penetrated by century imperial ambitions. In them could be powerful opposition capable to lift the people against democracy, appealing to its imperial greatness, superiority among the peoples of the world - whether it be in frameworks " of the New order ", as in Germany, or " Spheres of joint prosperity ", as in Japan or even " of World revolution ", as in Russia. Thus democratic self-transformation is impossible in the mandatory powers " of the Weimar class ". So the history therefore speaks to us, after the second world war Japan and Germany have broken to democracy, as the world community has not kept them one on one with superior, Their oppositions were pushed aside on a shoulder of a political life and consequently the possibilities were dispossessed to turn a history The difference between the "Weimar" episode by policy of modern west is, that in the first case west put before itself economic problem, and in second - political. One has appeared other doomed on a failure - has won. A reality of today's RUSSIA - newborn democracy. The reasons of amplification communist and national patriotic forces are a crushing defeat of the Soviet Union in cold war, loss of a leading position in the world after a disorder USSR, and also suffering company by all bouquet of the illnesses connected to revanchism and restrained national self-consciousness. The psychological war untied in Russia by irreconcilable opposition more terrible all of its political thunders and lightnings, is more terrible even than October shooting. The intelligency has broken up. The former communications fall, the people of the same circle become one another another's. The general ground for disputes is lost, there are no uniform values, there are no authorities, recognized by all. This psychological war the democracy steadily loses so the trust to West evaporates. The policy of non-intervention of West in the Russian psychological war will result soon in uttermost crash of democracy in Russia. RUSSIA has turned to test range of international reaction doing serious attempt to join together efforts for the world war against democracy, rehearsing a new "brown" axis: the European fascism - Moscow revanchism. So, RUSSIA forward edge, where goes war between democracy . Now opposition attempts to finish with democracy in Moscow by the Constitutional method, as has finished with it in Berlin Gitler in January, 1933 a History of Germany is instructive. The evolution in Germany was not from democracy to a totalitarianism, and from democracy - through authoritarianism to a totalitarianism. With what the educated authoritarianism in the mandatory powers of the "Weimar" class by virtue of their imperial characteristics is impossible.

So, Germany 3 years - rare in a history a case, when it was visible, than the process was completed. Hence, we have a mirror, in which it is possible to glance! There is a parable: " the History repeats twice: once by the way tragedies, second time by the way ". We, similar, are ready to repeat a history by the way tragedies.

So, having familiarized with the article, it is possible to reach a conclusion: Russian people at the present stage of development has not ripened at all for democracy.

The unique output is an introduction of presidential board and arrival to an authority of the new people, not damaged itself by the communist past. The Russian people does not have more trust to anybody.

equal, the president can be only person having will, resoluteness, absolute fairness.

softness, short-sightedness, the indecision of the president is an absolute success of revanchism and reaction!

30.01.1994. Moscow

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