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All are equal before the law and court Clause 19, item 1,
the Constitution of the Russian Federation
"All animals equal, but the some people more equal than others "
Dzh. Oruell "Farmyard"
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In the last Saturday of February, 1994. Russia was able to of a shock: on freedom the state criminals, actually - untied civil war in country were manufactured. The Russian people has seen till TV the shining persons amnestied, not admitted in their deeds. These people, whose hands are in blood of innocent victims coolly have delivered on their game destiny of present and future generation.

Amnesty announced by State Duma, well prepared and quite lucky political provocation. The main inspirers and provocateurs of events of August 19-21, 1991, May 1 and October 4 1993 on freedom!

It is the next victory anti-reforming forces, neglect by them of norms of moral and right. As is known, the connivance to these forces also has provoked them on rebelion in August, 1991, by inquest that were failure of signing of the Treaty of alliance, disorder USSR and, connected with it, heavy economic situation of all former republics. Unfortunately, the Russian management as a result of political short-sightedness has continued by Gorbachev a rate of conciliation with forces of reaction: the investigation of crimes of activity of a top of KPSS an authority of Party was not conducted was replaced by an authority by the pseudo-democratic nomenclature, i.e. same staff move from armchairs of the secretaries in armchairs of the chapters of administrations and thus to communist nomenclature the multimilliard riches were kept appropriated by it at the people; the loyal attitude to criminality, corruption, creation of militarized fascist and nationalistic formations was saved; The newspapers "Day", " Soviet Russia ", "Truth" etc. order unbridled propagation about a violent overthrow of an authority, accompanying its call-ups "to shoot", "to hang up" the democrats. Such conciliatory policy, conditions of impunity, anarchy and legal wrongdoing promoted to a regrouping and amplification of the revenge-seekers and has resulted in the end in putsch of October 3-4 becoming tragedy with set of human victims, irreplaceable moral-political damage.

That terrible night the people waited for the circulation of the president. Also did not understand the reasons of silence. The president was announced in 9 mornings, and it was necessary in 9 evenings in Sunday. That the President waited for 12 hours? And he has declared: " the Criminals have untied the planned rebelion... Suddenness... The victory will be behind us... " It what - 1941? What suddenness, when was clear to all all: Ruzkoj, Hazbulatov,Anpilov,Makashov also did not hide the intents. So that it? - Criminal - inactivity!

Is felonious stayed idle. In August I offered to this encirclement to disperse congress with simultaneous deportation on New ground of all leaders of a communist gang and to return them on continent of year through three, when in country conditions is normalized. Then these prompters would not be dangerous. The president has ignored my recommendation, but, having dispersed congress, has kept a decaying nursery in the White House. Then has arranged infamous shooting on a kind all , having exasperated even of the supporters. This step has done without to it by sharp fall of a rating, and from here and results of choices of December 12.

Analyzing the election returns, the democrats are again bent, thinking, that in them the reason of continuous falsifications and jugglings. Yes, one of the reasons is hiding in it. But the basic reason is shooting on the White House. In the country people basically so anything also has not understood. The people has not seen the basic parties in fault of tragedy and all hatred has paid against the democrats. Me many name as the extremist, not understanding, that my item, is always all to extinguish in a germ. If my recommendation was carried out, any tragedy would not take place.

But in relation to the criminals I adhere items of Stolupin. Let's recollect a history. August 12, 1906 during the next attempt on Stolupin was killed 33 persons. Before for the sake of a celebration of revolution the terrorists - bolsheviks have killed only for 1906 768 and have wounded 820 vigorous representatives of the executive authority. In reply to it the law on courts martial has appeared. After assassination or armed robbery the courts assorted businesses caught during day, but the court kept no more than two days, and the death sentence was carried into execution at 24 hours. For three years after revolution of 1905 for political assassinations and robberies 2835 persons were executed.

So, the revolution was suppressed, and Bolshevists gangsters have run up all over the world.

Stolupin was right, speaking: " Give the state 20 years of rest, internal and external, and you do not learn present Russia! " Thus supervise over country the people decisive, firm, constantly looking any compromises owe. The compromises between victims , between the fools and clever do not happen. To a history it is proved.

SO, the Duma has announced political amnesty to the assassins directed ostensibly on achievement of reconciliation of the national consent in company. On the business it is attempt to legalize conditions of impunity, anarchy, legalization of a use of violence in a political struggle. Actually this encouragement of the organizers and executors of crimes, instigation to new putsch with the purposes of curtailing democratic transformations in company, to making of civil war. For the sake of it the Duma has gone on excess of the authorities, having pardoned the concrete participants of bloody events, but till an item 89 of the Constitution of Russian Federation such decision refers to competency only of President of Russian Federation.

Naturally, the Prosecutor General of Russian Federation Kazannik well understood it, but was compelled to execute maximum will. So, Elcin has substituted the rescuer. But it and is not surprising, for Elcin only and made, that substituted either colleagues, or all arising Russian democracy. What President was elected to itself bythe Russian people!

The president, to put it briefly, has come in arrangement with the criminal Ruzkoj and from the nazis Zhirinovski, having decided thus to protect itself from anger of the political opponents. Yes, former communist Elcin poorly understands psychology of the fascists.

Having read his book " it is safely possible to assert the Last throw on the south ",: i shall bring some his sayings:

" If we shall block of Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey - that, it is possible, that any part of the inhabitants of these countries will be dissatisfied. But all world should consider, that of time of Russia so that is necessary, it is good.

Is necessary to proceed from will of the majority (with 74).

" Russia only will make that is outlined in advance, will execute great historical mission - will release the world of wars, which begin always in the south. And this operation - last " throw " on south (with 76).

" It is necessary to finish with interference in internal businesses of other peoples and countries. And last time to divide spheres of influence. Let Russia safely will commit last " a throw " on the south...

I see... The landing ships suitable to coast, on which soldiers of Russian army, battle machines of an infantry already march, move huge bulks of tanks. At last Russia will finish the last military campaign... " (With 143). From here conclusion: who wishes to depart prematurely on that light, become under banners of new Furer! The truth on this times the last campaign will be finished in the south, instead of in East is already comforts. The voters, for what you voted?! You voted for the death!! But the sirs Elcin and Zhirinovski have understood one another: time per one month at meetings they play in games and go in bath. And again historical triangle: Ruzkoj,Zhirinovski.

The second of March at assembly of a democratic public of Moscow the assistant of the President Satarov, attempting to hide the truth, section of the chief. The king has appeared naked.

The sirs the democrats! You finally have substituted both have betraid! Also there will be no third putsch, since the authority everywhere at Centre and on places at the communists, and therefore game in democracy is ended.

There is only one way: to require demission of communist government. And a bit later of choices of the President.

The Russians, be consolidated against a dangerous new totalitarianism. Let lesson, received by us, by Gorbachev and Elcin reorganization will serve as a pulse for consolidation of all reform forces of Russia, everyone, who wishes to it the world, spiritual revival, prosperity.

March 8, 1994.

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