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The petition in the exercise of supervisory powers on the decision of the Supreme Court of Russian Federation from 5.05.96.

07.06.96 Kehlerov was given me the completely illiterate answer to my petition addressed on your name. he has failed legally correctly to give the refusal on my petition.In the end his answes is the dual and not clear : " judicial decisions conform the requirements of the law and ethical circumstances of business ". To what laws and what businesses? Continuous casuistry. Whether he generally read my petition? I doubt, if in his answer is written: " a fair quantity of signatures are certified not by yours authorized, and other citizens ". At him, what the roof has gone? The central electoral commission proved, that one convener has delivered a signature for other and has deprived 41325 voters of the right to give back the affirmative votes of the candidate. And it has detected ё and other citizens. About what competitiveness and legal equality of the parties he speak about it? - This competitiveness was completed by expelling me from courtroom. And main. I in the petition am reasonable has proved, that The central electoral commission has infringed an item 36 of the law " About choices of the President of Russian Federation ", since the conveners were not allowed to check of correctness of registration of subscription sheets, and Kehlerov asserts a converse, i.e. " Reasons about that... Are confuted by materials of business ".

What for delirium? Where it has detected such data?

If such work for him, what employees work in the lowest instances? Unfortunately I have seen enough of them much - dullness. For many from them a place in prison, and they manage of destiny of the people. About what legitimacy it is possible to speak?

I am addressed to you, that The central electoral commission has returned to me my subscription sheets with 1.164.770 signatures, or has paid for them and for modal damage put to me and my command, the sum in to - roubles .

On the basis of stated, I ask you according to an item 322 of The Code of Criminal Procedure of Russian Federation To turn my business from the Supreme Court of Russian Federation for a settlement of a question about availability of the basis for adjuration of the protest in the exercise of supervisory powers in Presidium of the Supreme Court of Russian Federation, that on the basis of an item 329, item 5 of The civil code of practice of Russian Federation to bear the new decision on cancellation of the decree of The central electoral commission of Russian Federation " About refusal in registration me on the position of the President of Russian Federation ".


The note of L.Ubozhko: Kehlerov at meeting with me has declared, that has signed constituted by someone from the employees of prosecutor's office the answer, not reading my petition. So the businesses above are decided!

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