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" The Independent newspaper " 07.05.96.

It is difficult to prove authenticity of signatures similar against each other, as two drops of water.

The Supreme Court

The representatives of the Central electoral commission of Russian Federation have gained in the Supreme Court four victories the contract. In the beginning, as is known, court has refused to satisfy the petition of the not registered candidate in the presidents of Russia A.Tarasov, then in the same provision has appeared G.Starovojtova. Both of them did not manage to prove illegality of the decision of The central electoral commission about the refusal in registration, as the dispute basically was reduced to a question on authenticity of signatures collected in support of the above named applicants, and cases of repetition of the same autograph on various subscription sheets were seen even by a unaided eye. Of it could be convinced and journalists, as the subscription sheets were delivered in court and laid on the dock and on tables, where they could be looked through and even to photograph.

As the member of the Supreme Court A.Fedin has noted in conversation with the reviewer , practically were not necessary for him the indications of the experts, as the collectors of signatures did not attempt at all to change the handwriting, being signed for the hypothetical voters. Same , poorly similar for the present signature, it found out almost on each sheet. And at times identical autographes met even in various folders, that is in the different subjects of Federation.

Itself Fedin is not declined thus to accuse of forgery Mrs. Starovojtova, whose petition he considered as presiding. Without delay, the judge believes, the trouble of this candidate that her initiative group has nominated only of four conveners, which are unable to closely see more than 120 thousand sheets really to assure, instead of simply to endorse each document. As to decency of the collectors, she obviously has not sustained check. However, the question on the personal responsibility should decide each, who can be accused of falsification of signatures, prosecutor's office, where the appropriate materials already are transmitted. Sad result of Tarasova and Starovojtova has divided on Sunday in the evening and leader of a Conservative Party Lev Ubozhko. he not especially troubled himself with search of arguments confuting legitimacy of the decision The central electoral commission. In a court-room Ubozhko in the beginning has filed objection by everyone, whom only could to, then has not wished to recognize the subscription sheets, having told, that " all these of a forgery are made by the workers of The central electoral commission ", and eventually he simply has left a hall, having threatened to shoot not only members of The central electoral commission, but also employees of the Supreme Court. Ubozhko asserted, that all officials " intentionally undermine bases of democracy ", not wishing to register " one worthy begin the president of the candidate ", that is him.

Early yesterday refusal has received and V.Podoprigora. The former deputy of Advice of Federation did not challenge the truth, legitimacy of making the choise of a part of his subscription sheets. he operated with other arguments and, in particular, attempted to prove, that " on the moment of awarding judgement The central electoral commission had no the authentic data ", as has infringed a procedure of check of the documents. Besides as believes Podoprigora, The central electoral commission used computer facilities, not having organized special group on check of the computer data. In the answer the representative The central electoral commission has informed, that such group forms only by day of choices and that it controls only electronic results of the ballot. The part disallowed before signatures for the candidature V.Podoprigora in court "was justified", but up to desired one million he and has not held on.


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