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"Verb", 23.04.94 (Miass , Chelyabinsk province)

(Interview of L.Ubozhko to the close confidant N.Koroleva)

N.К. - Lev Grigorevich your opinion concerning the election returns in Federal assembly 12.12.93?

L.G. - As is sad, and my prediction has come true: this day all consignments and the blocks of democratic orientation have sufferred a crushing defeat.Any my interview was not published in press. The TV, writing down my interviews, did not leave in an ether.

About this I prevented embassies of England, Germany, USA, France, Greece. But around there was a deaf wall, misunderstanding and information blockade.

All democrats together with the President somewhere have hurried. Have hurried to the death and state accident.

The political management has confirmed the uttermost insolvency to analyze a situation in country. The centre at all did not understand, that the authority in Russia in many regions was usurped by forces hostile to reforms. They, being covered pseudo-democratic demagogy, aspired to restore the become bankrupt communist system. After the personnel communications of Advices was conducted of the executive authority. To an authority came new communists, proved the inability to administer in a new fashion. These forces also have achieved success on choices. But this day we have seen also a phantom of a fascism.

N.К. - Lev Grigorevich, and what image success have gained patriotic force?

L.G. - In this success first of all is guilty the president and democrats.

First, the authority was gradually dispsen from the people and soon became for him another's, i.e. there was as though mirror-image presentation in relation to the communists earlier costing at an authority. There was a situation, that those who sincerely struggled for democracy and reforms, have appeared by the deceived hostages of presidential command. The people has failed to understand, that the authority was simply replaced by the pseudo-democratic nomenclature, that the officers have remained same, simply move from armchairs of the secretaries in armchairs of the chapters of administration, and small group of the genuine democrats - reformers, people with honour and conscience, be unable has appeared considerably to influence a situation. In due course Napoleon loved to repeat a phrase: " the Revolution is conceived with the heroes, the fools do, and fruits use bad people ". Naturally, changed political and economic structure in the state, it is impossible at once all to receive: both freedom, and abundance of the goods and normal prices. Such in a history does not happen. The forces of reaction did all that the reforms have choked and consequently they, helping a disorder of economy, amplification of corruption and criminality, have decided by hands of the indignant and impatient people to reset hated, democratic government and to establish again communist mode. Thus, the reformers, having failed to combine policy of financial improvement with necessary social protection of basic bulk of the population, personal safety of the people, protection of an agriculture and industry, science and culture, have received in it one of the main reasons of the electoral defeat. So, the "democratic" government by the consciously inept measures in economy has created the base for Zhirinovski and similar to him.

Secondly, the Russian people has appeared is not prepared for a civilized way of life, since the communist criminal mode has transformed him in biorobots. Therefore he correctly chooses always worst variant. At us the regularity is angry -, and the exception is kind -. Such people will vote for certainly Zuganov,Nevzorov,Starodubcev,Lukjanov,Zhirinovski The reforms you see require a pressure, skill to turn and to develop in the issue to receive culture, security, increase of an intellectual level, but Russia has chosen poverty both destruction of knowledge and culture. Really in 1993 the Russians could not know, what boons promise to them the communists and fascists? Really to them has not bothered for 75 years to listen to communist delirium? One in 1933 has executed the promises. It is necessary all the same to know the and another's history. I shall remind all the words of Gegel: " Experience and history learn, that the peoples and governments never have learned nothing from a history and did not act according to lessons, which of it could be taken ".

N.К. - Lev Grigorevich, and in summary I wish to you strong health, inexhaustible energy and courage in struggle for free Russia.

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