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All are equal before the law and court Clause 19, item 1,
the Constitution of the Russian Federation
"All animals equal, but the some people more equal than others "
Dzh. Oruell "Farmyard"
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Among rough events of the end 80 - beginnings 90 years brightly have begun to sparkle such names as Elcin, Sobchak, Popov, Nazarbaev and other, personifying democratic transformations in our company. However, if you attempt to find these names in earlier period, you simply will not be lucky. It does not mean, that in that far period there was no struggle with rigid system of a totalitarianism.

Struggle order even more courageous people, for which the concept of civil conscience was much higher than concept of personal well-being.

The brightest figure in democratic movement, certainly, is A.D.Saharov, the mind, honour, which selflessness are of above human understanding. The writer Solzhenicin, dissident Bukovski and other were not afraid to enter struggle with most severe in the world by the punitive machine. As a rule, all of them had to pass through Prison Camps.

The deserved place in the fighters borrows Lev G.Ubozhko.

This person gifted with the nature with perfect logic, from the very beginning of a vital way has entered chipping with the main ideologist of communism, whose name has darken all best, that was achieved earlier by company.

Having studied works of Lenin, Ubozhko exposed Lenin by his ideology richly filled blood of the orders, orders, declarations.

Certainly, the payment has come rather fast. With 1970 on 1987 . - concentration camp, transfer.

But even and "there" he furiously preached among broken, escorts and other public of idea of clearing from communist obscurantism, transition to the free parliamentary state, supremacy of the law, market, private property.

In destiny Ubozhko much in common with fates of millions fellow citizens: school, army, HIGH SCHOOL.

But, as few, he has gone like Turgenev`s Rahmetov.All life only on struggle against a damnation, of our people.

At once after clearing Ubozhko rushes into a political struggle. Magnificent orator, that is his basic weapon, he literally people from hibernation, lifts them behind himself. His visit to Kazan in March, 1989 was stunning. All city was shaken by iron logic of orator. University, that, where thinking like Lenin, was ready to give back everything to remove a century sin.

Ubozhko will organize a Party of a democratic direction with the large number of the adherents in different regions of the country. he goes in miner's regions, where him love, in mutinous republics, in general there, where hot, where his hot words are required.

On character of the political activity Lev Ubozhko without a delay theorist, than practist. His point of view advance public opinion for 1,5-2 years, and therefore call criticism both from the orthodox party, and on the part of the democrats.

And still main in theoretical view of Ubozhko is a person and his rights, his therefore is not casual is the member of public committee under the human right.

All sights of Lev Ubozhko base on humanity. It and peace transition to parliamentary republic, private property on ground, privatization of a state ownership, law on a service to the person.

Today L.Ubozhko with us, and, probably, the best, if we shall be with him.

Roman Siroxa

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The book "Lenin, the file without a retouch", written (1971-2002) oustanding scientist-historian A.A.Arutyunov.

The book "My struggle against red fascism" the written L.G.Ubozhko.

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