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"New life", №8, May 1990,
Body of a Democratic Party

At the end of March, 1990 the meeting of an expert independent commission of company of the psychiatrists was held.

10 experts, from them one member - correspondent three professors three the senior lecturer have taken part in a commission.

The inspection of Lev Ubozhko, exposed earlier "psychiatric" and criminal prosecution was conducted. The conclusion the following:

" An Ethical independent medical commission of experts All-Union company of the psychiatrists.

The conclusion: Lev Ubozhko by a mental illness does not suffer. Finds out characterisic feature of the personality with tendency to supervaluable educations.

Psychiatric supervising and account(record-keeping) does not require. The chairman of a commission - corresponding member Academy of medical sciences Zharicov N.J.

The members:

Lakosina N.D. - 2-the Moscow medical institute. Patnickaja I.L. - Institute of the forensic medicine by Serbskij. Pececnikova etc. - Institute of the forensic medicine by Serbskij The senior lecturer Fedoseenko V.S. - Vitebsk medical institute. The senior lecturer Gusev J.A.- Semipalatinsk medical institute. Smukov A.V. The political inmates. - Kharkov medical institute. Jurikov - 1-st Moscow medical institute. Tuvina - 1-st. The Moscow medical institute. Vugon. - doctor - lecturer. "

We ask the readers to take into account that extremely important circumstance, that at bolsheviks it is not accepted to recognize the mistakes, and furthermore - crime and, certainly to conduct rehabilitations.

Rehabilitation of Ubozhko.-one of first.

Let's wish, friends, all suffering within "stagnation" from fascists - bolsheviks of complete rehabilitation and returning in life.

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