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Conservatism, conservative, conservative - all these words have acquired already for a long time only negative sense in a domestic political lexicon. By conservative forces we on inertial tradition going from times of cold war and the class approach name those forces in west, those consignments, which basic merit is the stability and welfare ruling by them of the national states.

In fatherland in the conservatives get under brisk of a pen of the journalist those who wants nothing to stabilize, opposite, calls to destroying new structures to refusal of the achieved social process (publicity, democratization ) to recovering the old become obsolete order., probably, time has come to return to the political term of conservatism adequate, authentic to it sense.

The transfer of "conservatism" with latin on Russian means " to keep, to save ". In all political dictionaries even of the last years from this transfer the conclusion, that of conservatism - " reactionary current of a public idea and political practice asserting old, become obsolete and hostile to all new, forward " follows. (So write, for example, the authors of the dictionary " That are that in world policy ". Progress, 1987).

The similar point of view is not simple tribute to stagnant times. In it all poverty,of that school , which as Marks-Lenin`s till now reigned in USSR. Agrees to it, really in one camp it is possible to pay and N.A.Andreeva and leaders of "Memory" and Ligachev, figure completely different on the political colouring and importance. Without delay all of them should be be to be named and unit under one title - " restorators".

To preserve, i.e. to save something is possible functioning, working, useful. Eventually at a household level it is known by each householder. We are offered to put all forces for preservation all that has finished country before accident, naming all this sacred principles of socialism.

Given terminological illegibility use and, at the same time, is not realized our radicals invoking on struggle with "conservatism" and requiring immediate and most decisive changes suffer. Thus is forgotten (designedly or is not realized), that similar "resoluteness" not only already once in 1917-1920 years was not completed nearly by destruction of Russia as such, has resulted in national genocide under a name of Stalin, but also already beginnings in some regions of country (Transcaucasia, Moldova) to result to unguided and consequently involved by civil war to results.

The experience of world policy, post-war development of countries of West irrefutable and evidently shows, that alongside with restorators, to be exact reactionarys, with their nostalgia on day yesterday's and radicals , necessarily should exist a party moderated, party of the reasonable conservatism soberly selecting from the past and from the achieved present, all working on the future.

One of the leading French politologists recently has noticed: " it is terrible for Russia, for is country of extremes, in which there is no conservative centre, only ультра-left and ultra -right ". Such party for a long time is necessary to Russia, it is honest and open, not being covered and making itself to be a left-wing radical and, at the same time, not fighting for recovering of command poverty, it should unit all soberly conceiving people of good will, is firm to rise on an item of a democratic parlamentarism and, simultaneously, not were afraid the charges in claims on dictatorship, to deliver by the purpose creation in country strong authoritative, but not to an authoritarian government.

By principles such Conservative, in the same sense of this word, parties should become: stabilization, sanctity of the law, implicit observance of the human right, equality of possibilities based on the constitutions, leaning in turn not on the empty declarations like the presidential decrees or decisions of the supreme Body of Russia, and on real and concrete force, which would become real (down to coercion) guarantor of accomplishment of the basic Law of the state - " the Law is severe, but it is the law! ".

Conservatism means that we preserve all best, that to us remains from the past, - best values, principles, parting word, for not everything, that approached our parents, can approach and our children.

Any, let and most revolutionary and human call-ups and the slogans never could come true in a history of mankind, if were not put into practice in the issue by conservatives.

The extremes of a terror of Revolution of 1789 and dictatorship of Napoleon were completed only by victory moderated in 1848. The horrors of Kromvell`s dictatorship have given England the constitutional monarchy. The revolution of 1905 has created the Duma - first Russian parliament. Conservatism, thus, any more of time in a history proved the political effectiveness and social realism, was the lien and warranty of stable evolutionary development of company, achievement of well-being and prosperity of the nations which have elected conservative, instead of left or right extreme way. Conservatism today is a reliance of stability of day tomorrow's.

The declaration of "Conservative party of Russia"

A Press-sheet of "Conservative party of Russia"

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The book "Lenin, the file without a retouch", written (1971-2002) oustanding scientist-historian A.A.Arutyunov.

The book "My struggle against red fascism" the written L.G.Ubozhko.

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