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On outcome second thousand of years, estimated from the date of Christ birth, Russian with the special acuteness for itself have detected a sharp fracture in the way of life. And this vital crisis should be connected not so much to the reasons of temporary, transitory character: by intrigues of an authority, struggle between geopolitical elites etc., how many by other, deeper and inevitable reasons connected to approach of the End of Times. And the business here consists not that we were not prepared to the outcome, it was predicted beforehand, and in that, as time it has approached also former way of life itself has reached completely. It became obvious, that the crisis in formation of an image of Russian life is connected to necessity of replacement Temporary Eternal. Only Eternal is capable to eliminate collected fundamental conflicts between:

  • By idea and Ignorance;
  • Love and Hate;
  • By life and Death.

It is necessary, probably to recognize inevitability of approach of Conservative Revolution. Its sense consists in life by tradition. The tradition is unwritten, but are forever a way of life, which is respected by all living. The tradition is as earlier lived, now live and further people will live. Unwritten and not said character Tradition as the way of life has only because its laws as though precede the state forms of formation of life. The conservative life exists in itself, not requiring the nobody's sanction on it. And if about it a little who knows, it only that the state carefully hides these laws and their role in formation of life from the citizens.

However, whether the Tradition of Life in the people, nation always had and has of the Keepers, Teachers of Life. In their function enter supervising over a course of life and its exhaustion. That is why in valiant years the people always addresses to a spring of the century Tradition.

In it he scoops necessary for life an idea and love. Only Tradition allows to merge between itself the terrestrial life and sanctity eternal.

The tradition is contained in all. One of its bright images is the Epos. The epos as a poetic image of Tradition at each people. At Russian it " Rusan and Ludmila " A.Pushkin, " Keys of Mary " S.Esenin, "Manifest" ;V.Hlebnikov, at the Kalmyks - "Dzhangar", written down Z.Panditom and N.Ochirov. At the Kirghiz - "Manas" at the Buryats "Geser", at the Kazakhs - "Hyp", at Tatar - "Idegee", at Bashkir - "Alpamush", "Iliada" - at the Greeks, etc. The philosophical heritage in the poetic form is known by each educated person. For to write the unwritten laws of life Eternal it is necessary to invent wrighting and to be able to possess it. thhose in Russia it is necessary to attribute D.Lihachev,in Kalmykia - D.Kugultikov, in Bashkiria - M.Karin, in Kazakhstan - O.Sulejmekov, in Kirghizia - Ch.Ajtmatov, in Dagestan - R.Gamzatov etc.

Tradition always and in all. We now should not list as well as in what it keeps itself. Our paramount problem to understand sense of Conservative Revolution. Let's address to sense concluded in its title. Revolution - word not Russian. Occurs from latin - "volvo", that in Russian means "circle", "to rotate", "is glad", "world". Thus, the Conservative Revolution in Russian marks Round-the-world Life. Conceiving Russian know, that other Russia never by other bore and did not offer. The choice between temporary and eternal she has made. Berdaev-the Russian nation defined differently, than Stalin. " Russia - not that about it think in time, and that about it the God thinks in eternity ". The academician D.Lihachev approves: " will not destroy Russia never. Because Dostoevski remain, Pushkin remain, Tutchev... You see the best poetry of the world is nevertheless Russian. " it is impossible to destroy Russia in eternal bases. That is why slogan of Russian Conservative Revolution sounds so: " From Russia uniform to indivisible, to Russia reasonable, desired and eternal! ", and its symbol is the Red Circle being by self an image of perpetual life.

Conservative-minded Russian intelligency confidently declares: " to us the rest, instead of shock is necessary! The conservatism is inevitability of postcommunist transformation! The worthy Russian life is necessary to us! Eternal Russia is necessary to us!"

Secretary of a Congress of a Conservative Idea

The declaration of "Conservative party of Russia"

A Press-sheet of "Conservative party of Russia"

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The book "Lenin, the file without a retouch", written (1971-2002) oustanding scientist-historian A.A.Arutyunov.

The book "My struggle against red fascism" the written L.G.Ubozhko.

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